Pregnancy Guarantee and Live Yearling Guarantee

 Wimborne Park Stud is the only stud in Australia that offers everyone who breeds to our stallions by fresh or chilled semen a

Pregnancy Guarantee and Live Yearling Guarantee!

At Wimborne Park Stud we know the stallions we stand at stud are highly fertile proven sires. Over the last decade the stud has had an outstanding conception rate of 95 - 100% per season with chilled transported semen sent Australia wide and inseminated into mares ranging from 3 to 20 years of age.

 But what happens if your mare does not conceive?

 That is where we would like to give you the reassurance of our Pregnancy Guarantee.

Put simply - no pregnancy - no service fee  

If after three attempts at inseminating your mare to one of our stallions  she does not conceive then you can choose to either substitute another mare, roll the service forward to the following season or request a refund of the service fee (excludes a $330 booking fee). 

Our commitment to supporting breeders does not stop at helping you

acheiving a pregnancy but extends until your foal is 12 months old.

Anyone who has bred before and lost a foal whether whilst it was in utero or after birth knows all too well the heartache, disappointment and financial loss that accompanies such a tragic event.

Whilst we can not totally remove the risk of this happening, we can offer you some piece of mind by sharing some of the risk with you.

At Wimborne Park Stud we want to do all we can to help you not only acheive your dream of breeding your special foal but also support you as your foal grows through the first 12 months of life.

We want you to live your dreams to the fullest!

This philosophy is the reason we are the only stud in Australia to offer breeders not just a Live Foal Guarantee but a Live Yearling Guarantee. 

 Our Live Yearling Guarantee means that if your mare loses her pregnancy or that the resulting foal does not survive to 12 months of age we will offer you a return service the following breeding season.

We understand that this does not help with the heartache of losing a foal but hopefully does give you another chance of breeding a healthy foal and minimises your financial loss.

Full details of our exclusive Pregnancy Guarantee and Live Yearling Guarantee can be found in our Gold service Fee Breeding Contract

We are in the business of making foals and will do all we can to help your dream of breeding your own special horse become a reality.