Below is a list of the young horses we have available for sale

2018 Season Foals

Wimborne Confederate x Wimborne Prada (Poetry in Motion x Flamboyant xx)



  • Bay colt
  • strikingly marked with 4 even white socks and blaze
  • expect to mature 16 - 16.1hh
  • Price Guide: Category B


Contenda x Wimborne Four Seasons ( Vivaldi x Ludendorf)



  • Bay colt
  • Spitting image of his sire Contenda
  • Expect to mature 16.2hh
  • 3/4 brother to 3* eventer Wimborne Constable and licensed stallion Wimborne Confederate
  • Price Guide: Category B


Contenda x Wimborne Paint It Black ( Gribaldi x Vivaldi)


  • Stunnning Black/Brown filly with 4 white socks
  • Full sister to 3* eventer and licensed stallion Wimborne Constable
  • Expect to mature 16.2hh
  • Price Guide: category B


Contenda x Wimborne Special Edition ( Stedinger x Vivaldi)

Photos to come

  • Bay colt with 4 white socks 
  • Full brother to  licensed stallion Wimborne Confederate
  • Expect to mature 17hh
  • Price Guide: Category B



Wimborne Stars and Stripes

Budweiser (imp) x Wimborne Constellation ( Contenda x Vivaldi)


  • Absolutely stunning brown filly blessed with showhorse looks and presence
  • Expect to mature 16hh+
  • Bred in the purple with world class blood lines on both sides of her pedigree
  • Top performance prospect as well as valuable future broodmare
  • Price guide: Category B


Wimborne Caitlin

Contenda x Wimborne Prada ( Poetry in Motion x Flamboyant XX)


  • Standout filly with super type and movement
  • Full sister to freakishly talented Wimborne Conjuror
  • Expect to mature 16hh+
  • Top performance prospect as well as a very valuable future broodmare
  • Price guide: Category B


Wimborne Carnivale

Contenda x Wimborne Paris ( Flamboyant XX x Ludendorf)

Photos to come

  • Bay colt with uncanny physical resemblance to his sire contenda
  • Super suspended paces
  • Expected to mature 16hh
  • Price guide: category B


2 year olds

Wimborne Courageous

Contenda x Wimborne Four Seasons( Vivaldi/Ludendorf)


  • Stunning brown colt
  • 3/4 brother to licensed stallions Wimborne Constable and Wimborne Confederate
  • Super paces and temperament
  • Expect to mature 16.2 - 16.3hh
  • Photo as a 3 month old foal
  • Price guide : Category B


Wimborne Comic

Contenda x Wimborne Special Edition ( Stedinger/Vivaldi)


  • Leggy bay colt with 3 long white socks
  • Outstanding uphill elevated paces
  • Expected to mature 16.3hh+
  • 3/4 brother to Licensed stallion and 3* Eventer, Wimborne Constable
  • Full brother to Licensed stallion Wimborne Confederate
  • Photos as a 4 month old foal
  • Price Guide: Category C


Wimborne Constance

Contenda x Wimborne Paint It Black ( Gribaldi/Vivaldi)

  • Full sister to licensed stallion and 3* eventer, Wimborne Constable
  • Stunning filly with super paces
  • Expected to mature 16.1hh
  • Price guide: Category C


3 year olds

Wimborne Classic

  • Contenda x Hollingrove Echo ( Escudo 1/Donnerheist/Donnerhall)
  • 3 yo Stunning brown gelding
  • Expected to mature 16.2hh+
  • super paces
  • ready to be broken in
  • Price guide:Category C


If you would like to know more about any of these horses please contact us.

*Please note prices of youngstock are subject to change at anytime  as they mature and their training progresses